You don’t want to go broke during your retirement.
But, the retirement savings industry is broken.
Here is how to fix the system in your favor.

Now you can spend more in retirement and still have enough, no matter how long you live.

According to the Employee Benefits Institute, 59% of Americans 85 years and over have run out of money during retirement. You can be free of that worry, thanks to Savvly.

Nowadays, you can expect to live longer. And that’s a great thing. But running out of retirement funds because most of us live to be older is not.

If you don’t know how long you will live, how do you know how much to save? Should you make yourself miserable pinching pennies in your golden years? You don’t have to spend your retirement in fear and frugality.

Savvly gives you lump sum payments at the dates of your choosing, say after you turn 85. These payments replenish your retirement account, which lets you spend more freely and live more fully. And the good news is you don’t have to save more today than you already are. You simply redirect part of your savings into the Savvly platform and let out a sigh of relief.

Yes! I want to retire earlier.

A change in government regulations allows you to access the first social network of income sharing.

You might be wondering how Savvly can do this. It all began when an insurance industry executive (who happens to be a scientist and mathematician with a Ph.D.) recognized the retirement savings industry’s failure to protect American retirees and saw a possible solution.

Fortunately, a change in the regulatory landscape created a major new opportunity. The passage of the 2019 SECURE Act paved the way for a new way to save for retirement. So, our scientist-mathematician got together with some of his other industry executive friends. This high-level team of experts spent nearly two years working out the math to change retirement savings forever.

The result is Savvly, a revolutionary new way for Americans to pool their money together to create a new level of certainty for the future.

Savvly is the savings product insurance companies never wanted to see the light of day.

Mistreated by an archaic and uncaring insurance and retirement industry, millions of Americans will run out of money during their retirement. You can avoid being one of them. You can maximize the returns on your retirement savings and your financial security; and, you can stop being a source of profit exploited by insurers and asset managers.

We combine old-school stability with advanced mathematics and artificial intelligence.

Many of the biggest benefits administrators and 401K management companies have already signed on with us. This is because the Savvly team used to help run some of the world’s most well-known insurance and benefits companies. Their expertise in retirement systems and actuarial sciences gave them the insights needed to reshape how you save for retirement.

Yes! I want more money for retirement

how much more you can get at the age of your choice?
Use the Savvly Calculator to see for yourself.


Savvly payout at
years of age

You don’t have to invest or save any more than you already do.

Securing your future couldn’t be easier.

Step One - Redirect a small portion of what you are already setting aside to the Savvly platform.
Step Two - Choose a future date to start receiving your lump-sum payouts.

That’s it! It’s that easy.

Do you want to know how much more you can get at the age of your choice? Use the Savvly Calculator to see for yourself.

Managing your Savvly account is easy.

Your dashboard will show you everything you need to track your payout plan, the amount you invested options, and how much you can expect to receive.

Yes! I want more money for retirement

Savvly is secure and designed to protect you.

  • You choose your ideal payout age, or, ask our artificial intelligence engine to help you figure out the best age range for your lump-sum payments.
  • Savvy requires no additional cost: take a portion of what you are already saving and shift into the Savvly platform.
  • You can redirect as little as you wish, up to 10% of your assets or savings.
  • You get flexible funding options: choose monthly installments or one-time deposits.
  • You control when and how you deposit into Savvly.
  • You are protected against unstable financial markets thanks to Savvly’s long-term investing protocols.
  • Savvly complies with the SECURE Act. This 2019 bill improves US retirement prospects and helps Americans save enough for the last years of retirement.
  • You can always access to the amount you invested. However, you will want to leave the Savvly amount alone.

Here are some examples of how people use Savvly:

You may still have questions... so, here are the answers.

How much do I need to invest?

You can start with as little as $10. Or, you can transfer a more significant sum all at once or in break in many smaller amounts. For example, a savings account you have been building up a while.

Yes. Savvly works well with many 401K/IRA/SEP retirement accounts. You can fund it anytime and at any age.

As long-time experts in the financial markets, we curate the best investment companies. Savvly offers stable and long-term investments to secure your savings. Because we are independent and not tied to any one company, we can choose a broad selection of the best.

Some of the companies we offer include Vanguard, Fidelity, and Charles Schwab. We are also planning to add crypto index funds and other cutting-edge investment instruments.

To make your investment options even more effective, you can use our artificial intelligence engine to choose the best options for you.

Because this product runs counter to the interests of the insurance and high-fee asset management industry, Savvly will cannibalize their business. Many players sell annuities, which are very profitable products. Savvly will hurt their bottom line.

In addition:

  • Developing the expertise to do this has not been a priority for investment funds.
  • The current Social Security model is increasingly insufficient, and a new, more effective model is required to supplement retirement income. Savvy is the answer.
  • Changes in government policy, such as the SECURE Act, paved the way for Savvly to create a new retirement savings opportunity.
  • Savvly is stepping up and taking advantage of a vacuum created by industry greed. We are redistributing the profits that would have gone to insurance companies and high-fee asset management firms to the people.

  • 1. With an annuity, there is no shared network economy.
  • 2. We do not take ~20% of your contribution and hefty recurrent fees.
  • 3. We pay much higher returns than any annuity product.
  • Unlike with Social Security, the market will drive your income. In the past 50 years, the market has returned ~7% per year, way more than the Social Security system.
  • You can fund Savvly with up to 10% of your retirement assets. Whereas the Government limits the absolute annual amount of your social Security contributions.

Our secret sauce is secret. We have developed an array of proprietary actuarial algorithms. We created these based on our combined 60 years of experience in finance and insurance. In addition, we added state-of-the-art technology like AI to optimize client outcomes. While all of this is a well-guarded secret, we will be filing for patent protection. You can feel safe knowing you are in a trustworthy and unique financial instrument. Yes, we also added common sense.

  • 1. Our expertise runs deep. Our founders have 60 years of experience in finance, operations, and insurance. In addition, our production team includes only high-trust, high-level performers.
  • 2. You invest your money in the largest investment funds - we do not take your money like an insurance company. You always own your assets. Even if we disappear, you keep the amount you invested. We are 100% safe.
  • 3. We met with regulators and concluded that Savvly meets their expectations.

Yes. We work with the largest investment companies and use their investment funds. This allows us to offer safe places for your money to grow. You own your assets for as long as you are alive. Even if we disappear (and we won’t), you keep the amount you invested. It’s protected. This makes us 100% safe.

The money goes to protect those who need it. That’s why you want to invest only a small portion of your assets with us. Think of it like “retirement insurance” that will change your financial life. Get access to a financial lifeline when you get old, and spend more now because you know you are protected in the future.

No. This is for your protection. BUT, you can create a Savvly account for some else and protect them as well.

Not unless you create a joint account

If you need to access your money, you can withdraw the current value of the amount you invested, but only for the first two years after the investment. After two years, you should be comfortable leaving it in the fund until your payout date. Think of your invested money like an insurance premium you pay that lasts for the rest of your life.

Some exceptions allow for a penalty-free withdrawal.

We take a very small management fee, currently 0.25% per year off your contributions, and a small transaction fee at payout.

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